How to install GD Player v2.1 Pro?


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How does this work?

How does this work? watch this video click here

How to install GD Player v2.1 Pro?

As soon you download GD Player v2.1 Pro

  1. install WinRAR on Your PC Free Download
  2. How to install WinRAR Click here
  3. How to install and Active GD Player v2.1 Pro on your website, watch this short video click here
  4. Attention! set the correct link, if your website start with https:// set the https:// in the activation link, if your website start with http:// set the http:// in the activation link.

How monetize your videos?

 As soon as you download GD Player you can watch the video support.


How monetize your videos & how add the new jw player.

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