How to use & install RapidVideo Player v1.1.1 PHP Script

How to install

  1. Download the RV in zip format.
  2. Upload it on your (cPanel/File Manager), Make sure you upload it in same folder when you have the website files.
  3. Select right click and Extract it.
  4. After you Extract the RV Script, just visit your website example: http: or and the RV is ready to play your videos from RapidVideo

How does this work?

 1. How does this work? watch this video Click Here

 2. Demo & Free Version  Click Here

How to disable the banner Ad?

  1. Open rv Folder
  2. Open Embed Folder
  3. Change ad.php file name, ad.php to adoff.php

How to monetize Videos with banner ad?

  1. Open rv Folder
  2. Open Embed Folder
  3. Edit ad.php file, then you will see the ad code from inGolin, remove the ingolin ad code and add your code then save button.

Video Example: how to monetize your videos, this is for iPlayer, but is same and for RapidVideo Player, the difference is the folder, for iPlayer the folder name is iplayer and for RapidVideo Player is rv.

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