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As a inGolin.com customer, you agree to respect the Software license agreement provided with each copy of our products. Breaking the agreement will result in a void license and immediate cancellation of any existing customer benefits including updates, support via email.

We cannot be held responsible if you damage our product while attempting to modify it or use it for another purpose than originally intended. Independently modified versions of our products are not covered by official updates or by customer support.


Product Updates

Product updates are included with each purchase for FREE, for at least the first six months. After this period ‘expires’ you will be able to extend your access to future updates and customer support by paying a certain fee.



All payments made to us using any payment method are fully non-refundable. Please don’t make payments if you have questions. contact: info@ingolin.com. You should also free version! 100% free forever, but with our ads.

By purchasing any product from our store, you are agreeing with all of the terms and conditions.

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